The golden thread

Before jumping into the day to tackle a long to-do list, I stopped for a half hour of devotional reading, prayer, and reflection. My Bible fell open to Hebrews 11, which is also called the Faith Chapter. As I read through the amazing miracles faith had wrought throughout the ages, I realized that many of these accounts fit into my life as well. Since I had just turned 60, I spent some time reflecting back on the road of faith I have traveled so far, and I came up with my own Faith Chapter:

Through Faith, I have had the strength to endure the many challenges life has brought along my path.

By Faith, 20 years ago I ventured out to Africa, and God hasn’t failed in any of His promises concerning my safety here.

Faith has provided me with endurance to cope with a chronic illness and brought the right people along my path who helped me.

Through Faith, the cycle of giving I embarked upon many years ago has continued, grown, and inspired others to join in, and there has never been any lack.

With Faith, financial crunches were overcome and obstacles swept aside. When thick clouds covered my path, they were lifted at just the right time and the view ahead became clear again.

When I reached major crossroads in life, Faith nudged me in the right direction.

In times of disappointment, when Faith shone dim, the light of God’s Word revived its flame and rekindled new hope.

Through Faith, the pain brought on by the death of a child was healed, and I found comfort in God’s Word.

Faith strengthened through prayer wrought miracles, built bridges where there were none, and created possibilities out of seeming defeat.

Faith brought victory over sickness and opposition, turning disadvantages into golden opportunities.

Faith shed light on the darkest stretches of life’s journey and shone through every tunnel.

Through Faith, a friend was healed from cancer and gained the strength to reach out to comfort others stricken by the disease.

Faith brought new vision when all seemed lost.

Through Faith, hardened hearts were softened, lost souls were rescued, and depression was healed.

Faith has been the golden thread in the tapestry of my life and has proved again and again that it is sufficient to weather any storm. If all was lost but faith in God and His goodness, it would be no loss at all.