Jesus is my walkthrough

Computer games have always been a part of my life. I can remember playing with my younger brother until the joints in our thumbs hurt. My favorite ones to play were extreme sports and adventure/fantasy, complete with magical weapons, levels, and evil henchmen.

But many times while gaming, I would either encounter a particularly difficult level, come up against an adversary with seemingly no weakness to exploit, or find myself in a chamber or room that had no way of escape. During those frustrating moments, my characters would pace back and forth, completely lost, or I’d lose and have to start the chapter over. When it got to a point that I just couldn’t take it any longer, I would pause the game, go online, and look up what gamers call a “walkthrough.”

To put it in a nutshell, a walkthrough is a meticulously detailed log or video from a gamer (usually a very good gamer) who has already played and beaten the game. He or she will describe exactly how to get past certain points. They will go on to explain how to best get past the bad guys, tell you special things to look out for, as well as give clues and hints to discover hidden treasures you would have previously missed. By following the instructions, one can breeze through levels that would otherwise have caused hours of frustration.

The Bible is my walkthrough. And I have my very own Grand Master. Anything that I go through in my life, Jesus understands. It was tough for Him too, and at one point, it almost seemed like He’d lost the game. But then, in a dramatic comeback three days later, He obliterated His enemy and triumphed as the undisputed Victor. So He truly knows the score and is more than happy to share His tips, comments, and suggestions. Not only that, but He has a vested interest in my success.

As a young and amateur gamer in life, I don’t know what my next trial will be, or even what next month will bring. But I do know that when I’m really stuck, when I’m totally and completely at the end of my rope, I’m going to stop, pause the game, and look up a walkthrough by my Best Friend and Gaming Champion.