The Jesus Advantage

Some people naturally have a great deal of willpower or self-control, but that’s not typical. If you have a hard time sticking to a resolution, developing a consistent routine, or building a new habit, I have good news for you: With Me in your life, you have a special advantage—the Jesus advantage.

My Spirit can work in your life in many ways, including by empowering you to manifest self-control. The key for partaking of this help is prayer. The first reason is that I work when you pray. In some way or another, and maybe in an unexpected way, I will do something toward answering your prayer.

Another is that asking for My help in a given area draws My insight and wisdom, and causes you to see your situation from a clearer perspective. Last but not least, when you pray, I can show you things you can do that will help toward your goal. I am very practical, and I know you and how your mind works, so who better can give you ideas and tips of things to do to make your resolution or routine “stick” and work for you?

Even though you have the “Jesus advantage,” you will have to do your part. I’m not going to put on and lace up your running shoes. I’m not going to throw out the cookies you bought shortly after making a resolution to cut down on sugar. However, I can help you find your individual key, your impetus, your motivator, to help you do the things you need to do, and not do the things you need to stop doing. You’re always going to face normal human struggles. But with the Jesus advantage, you can face them with beyond-human resolve.