Five steps to success

Are you faced with starting a new project or making decisions? Why not get a head start by using these tried-and-proven steps to success.

  1. Pray: Don’t neglect or undervalue the place of prayer. A prayerless individual is a powerless individual. When power is absent, strength is absent too, and defeat is inevitable. When prayer becomes a habit, victory becomes a lifestyle. It is prayer that gives wings to your dreams: if you want to make your dreams fly, give them the prayer edge.
  1. Dream: A life of no vision is a life of no mission. If you know where you’re going, you’re already halfway there. Don’t just jump at everything life throws at you—know what you want and pursue it. Remember, the wind never blows fair for the sailor who knows not to which port he is bound. It is not enough to dream great and lofty dreams; stay committed to fulfilling and achieving them.
  1. Work: Success happens when grace meets preparedness—in other words, hard work. Don’t expect a work-free walk to success.
  1. Learn from others: You don’t have to make the same mistakes others have made. Working smart means adopting principles from those who have successfully traveled the route you are following.
  1. Be positive: Standing on a ship that was floundering in the midst of a raging storm, the apostle Paul proclaimed, “Take courage! None of you will lose your lives.”1 When you put your faith into words, God can turn your dreams into reality. Stay positive by expressing positive thoughts.

Five positive proclamations to make each morning:

  1. God is forever with me, so I will get where I need to go.2
  2. This time of trouble will pass and I will overcome.3
  3. I am constantly learning.4
  4. I am an indispensable tool, created by God for a special purpose.5
  5. I will never be lost to God’s love.6
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