Finding your way

Unexpected changes have never been easy for me, and last year was such a time. I was expecting to be able to move closer to my son and his family, but found out that the situation to which I was planning to move was no longer a possibility.

Disheartened, I paused to reflect on my options. Outside the window, it was a beautiful day, and I felt a gentle peace envelop me.

I knew God was there for me, just as He was there for His creation. The peace I felt had come from Him.

Who moved? I asked myself. I knew God and His love hadn’t changed. It was my circumstances that had suddenly changed after the disappointing news, which left me feeling worried and insecure.

I’d been too focused on my circumstances, too preoccupied with my upcoming move. Now that things had changed, I felt like my whole world was falling apart.

I should have kept my focus more on Jesus.—That simple truth came to me like a shaft of light piercing the darkness. With all the excitement and making plans for the move, I’d been neglecting my time with God and His Word.

I resolved to change. The next morning, I took my Bible along to the porch where I usually sit to enjoy my coffee. I turned to Matthew 14, where the disciples—although hardy seamen for the most part—were terrified by a storm that threatened to smash their boat and end their lives.

That is, until they saw Jesus walking on the water toward them.

That was my predicament exactly! I was letting the storms of this life throw me off course. What I needed to do was keep my eyes on Jesus and trust that He would see me through.

Gradually, I started putting my life back together. A friend asked me to help out at her bakery over Christmas. I volunteered at an orphanage where the kids were definitely needier than I was. Within months, I had new friends and lots to do. My earlier disappointment had vanished.

Through this experience, I learned that God is not always working toward a particular goal. Sometimes, it’s the process that’s important. Our faith gets tested in the midst of a storm, but that’s where we find Jesus as our dearest Friend. He promises, “I will never leave you or forsake you.”1

  1. Hebrews 13:5