The Bridge

I’d just arrived in the port city of Tampico, Mexico, and I was being shown around the townhouse our volunteer work would be based out of. It is located fairly close to the busy downtown, but also not too far from the poorer outlying areas where we conduct most of our projects. What a nice setting, I thought to myself, looking at the beautiful lagoon where folks gather to mingle in the cooling twilight, and also just a short drive from a clean uncrowded beach.

As we climbed the last flight of stairs, I discovered the best was yet to come. A door led onto the balcony, where we were greeted by a panorama of palm trees, rooftops, and, in the distance, a magnificent bridge spanning the bay. The combination of the brightly lit spans of the bridge, the rooftops, and the cool night breeze was breathtaking.

It’s been awhile since I settled in to my new location, but I usually try to take a few minutes each day to go up to our rooftop balcony and take in the magnificent view. Of all that I survey, that beautiful bridge is somehow the most inspiring and comforting. It connects two worlds, making all sorts of things possible that wouldn’t be otherwise.

One morning when I looked out of the window of one of the rooms adjoining the balcony, the bridge had vanished! The coastal weather can be changeable, and although it’s usually sunny and clear, at times there are storms, unexpected cloudiness and rain, and some very windy conditions—occasionally even a hurricane. Maybe a fog rolled in and is obscuring the view, I thought. But I soon realized that it was my position that was off. I moved over a bit and was able to view the inspiring scene once again.

Then I was struck by a new thought—that bridge is a lot like our relationship with God. It’s always there to both inspire and comfort. By it, we have access to another realm, and by it, we are able to receive the help and guidance that we need. Sometimes it can seem as though the “view” is gone or that the help we’ve learned to rely on has somehow failed, just this once. But actually, we just need to change the position of our heart. Then that sweet inspiration and comfort and peace comes back into “view” once again, and our faith is restored.