A perfect day

Today was perfect! It wasn’t a perfectly lazy day, or perfect in terms of accomplishments, or without problems. Still, it was so perfect from start to finish that I now feel compelled to retrace my steps and try to figure out what made it that way. Maybe I can make it happen again.

I woke early and greeted the new day with a two-mile walk, thanking God for my loved ones and praying for them. Afterwards I read some devotional material, contemplating what I read and praying that it would change me. I listened to some Christian music, letting the inspiring lyrics fill my soul, then spent a few moments watching as a prism hanging in the window caught a sunbeam and sent rainbows around the room.

After breakfast, I planned the coming school year and ordered study materials for my homeschool students, and then I helped them with their first, seventh, and ninth grade classes. It was a full morning, but surprisingly free of pressure. That time I had taken with Jesus surely paid off.

I was beginning to sag as I cut vegetables for lunch, but I found myself thanking God for the abundance of healthy food. My hands were busy, but my heart and mind were far away, sitting at Jesus’ feet and enjoying communion with Him. That was just the boost I needed.

I listened to some piano as I ran an errand in the car. I kept pace with traffic, but without the usual tension in my shoulders. An elderly man driving ahead of me made a slow turn, which aggravated some other drivers, but I found myself praying for him and feeling impressed that he was still able to get around.

Back home, between email, phone calls, and a visit from a neighbor, I cooked, cleaned, and spent some time with my teenage son. Sometimes I worry about him, but as we sat together and he shared his opinions, concerns, and dreams, Jesus helped me see a sweetness and depth in my son that I sometimes overlook.

My husband and I went for an evening walk, and as we held hands and watched the setting sun paint the clouds lavender and pink, we counted our blessings together.

I know I can’t expect every day to be perfect, but I know how to increase my chances: I’ll take time to connect with Jesus and renew that connection throughout the day by turning my thoughts to Him and His goodness.