• 01_Christianity-in-action

    Christianity in action

    One winter some years ago, a group of friends and I were traveling on a mountain road in a passenger van in the southern United States. It was past dusk on a Friday evening, and we were heading to a ski resort a few hours away. We were nearly there when someone pulled up next […]

  • 02_All-will-be-well

    All will be well

    While surfing the internet, I stumbled upon a Positive Outlook test. I consider myself a fairly positive person, with some room for improvement, but I was curious to see if I was right. Since the test would only take a few minutes, I filled in the answers. When the results appeared, I wasn’t too surprised. […]

  • 03_Bitter-or-better-

    Bitter or better

    Everyone has times in their past that they look upon as “dark nights”—tragedies or difficulties that were largely beyond their control and sometimes the direct result of other people’s wrong choices or unloving actions. How people react to those wrongs can determine whether they become bitter or better for them. Those who have a hard […]

  • 04_weak-yet-strong

    Weak yet strong

    Nine years ago, I underwent a surgery that changed my life. When I was rushed to the hospital with terrible pain in my lower right abdomen, tests revealed that a large gangrenous cyst had ruptured, requiring emergency surgery. My surgeon assured me that I would be back on my feet within two months, and I […]

  • 05_gift-from-two-brothers

    A gift for two brothers

    Have you ever wanted to do something to help someone or longed to make a difference in the world, only to have your good intentions sidetracked by thoughts of why your efforts wouldn’t work? One such occasion happened last summer when my wife and I stopped to eat at a fast food restaurant that serves […]

  • 06_The-golden-thread

    The golden thread

    Before jumping into the day to tackle a long to-do list, I stopped for a half hour of devotional reading, prayer, and reflection. My Bible fell open to Hebrews 11, which is also called the Faith Chapter. As I read through the amazing miracles faith had wrought throughout the ages, I realized that many of […]