• 01_laying-brinks

    Laying bricks

    One of the most mind-boggling questions is “How does God relate to time?” The Bible does its best to give us God’s perspective. “Don’t forget that for the Lord one day is the same as a thousand years,” it explains helpfully, “and a thousand years is the same as one day.” Our relationship to time […]

  • 02-cup-of-coffe

    A cup of coffee

    I find that the days I start with God are the best. He’s like a good cup of coffee: I breathe deeply of its aroma, savor its taste, enjoy its warmth on a cold morning, and let its goodness stir me into action for the day. It makes getting up in the morning something to […]

  • 03-take-one-take-two

    Take one, take two

    Take one Hearing the crunch of metal against metal as I backed out of my parking spot almost made my heart stop. I was in a hurry and had quickly scanned the parking lot before climbing behind the wheel, but somehow I had overlooked a pick-up that was parked in an unusual place. I quickly […]

  • 04-little-star

    Little white star

    Another stressful, exhausting day was finally over. Frustration and fatigue hung heavily over me, a combination of hassles with my cranky computer, a gloomy sky with drizzles and chilling winds, the exasperation of burning the chicken for dinner—and a dozen other everyday annoyances. After dinner with the burnt chicken, I set out for a nearby […]

  • 05-child-story

    A child’s choice

    It was 1996, and our family had just moved from the safety of Italy to a somewhat still troubled and unstable post-war Croatia, settling in a large apartment on the outskirts of Rijeka. Our neighbors—a mix of refugees, widows, and elderly relatives caring for children whose parents had died or left to find work—had all […]

  • 06-strawberry-fields-forever

    Strawberry fields forever

    It is said that our life hinges on four main decisions that lead us to become what we are: the career we choose, whom we marry, the friends we make, and what we believe in. I would say that what we believe in is the most important of the four, as that will largely determine […]