• 01-Boulders-and-burdens

    Boulders and burdens

    In Greek mythology, Sisyphus was known as a master trickster and the most cunning of men. Eventually, the gods were so displeased with his craftiness and deceitfulness that they condemned him in the afterlife to push a huge boulder up a steep hill. The boulder was enchanted so that Sisyphus has never been able to […]

  • 02-My-journals

    My journals

    I was doing some organization and deep cleaning of my belongings. This is the longest I have ever lived in the same house, and I’ve accumulated a lot of things. In the course of this, I came across a box filled with my old journals. Let me explain. These weren’t journals detailing events of my […]

  • 03-rocks-to-roads

    Rocks to roads

    It’s understandable to look at what’s ahead with some trepidation. Maybe as you look back you see the struggles, uncertainty, and perhaps even setbacks that have shaken your life. Sorrows and disappointments that were pretty overwhelming may still weigh on your heart. That can make the future seem intimidating. Here’s the good news! In spite […]

  • 04-faith-does-it-again

    Faith does it again!

    When I look back at the crossroads in my life—times when things seemed to have taken a wrong turn or my plans and goals were dealt a severe blow—I realize that my faith played a major role and helped me to weather the adverse circumstances and challenges. Since I’ve worked as a missionary for over […]

  • 05-Surviving-a-difficult-situation

    Surviving a difficult situation

    Those first few minutes while the news sank in were devastating. I felt like my whole world was caving in. Somehow I managed to stumble shakily out of my boss’ office. His words kept reverberating in my head: “Due to the current situation, we’re having to cut back. So we wanted to ask if you […]

  • 06-Paperclip-faith

    Paperclip faith

    Did you ever hear about the young man named Kyle MacDonald who traded a paperclip for one item after the other until he was able to get his own house? Surprisingly, it only took him 14 trades to achieve his goal one year after he started. His journey was: clip to pen, to doorknob, to […]