Learning meekness

Come to Me when you are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest and teach you how to be meek, like I am.[See Matthew 11:28–29.] The meekness I’m referring to is really strength; but it is manifested with gentleness and kindness. It doesn’t need to assert itself or boast, because it knows its strength.

A lot of times people feel they have to put on an act so as to appear stronger and more confident than they are; but that’s pretty easy to see through. It’s far better in the long run to be honest with yourself and others; honest about your strengths, but also about your weaknesses; honest when you’re confident, and honest when you’re not. When you know who you are, and most of all when you know who I am, when you’re true to yourself and authentic in your dealings with others, you can walk in confidence.

When you rest in Me, I refresh and renew you and reconnect you with My strength. Then you are able to meet all the things that come upon you—whether pressure or overload at work, relationship challenges, or negative emotions—and deal with them in My strength. When things get busy and hectic and topsy-turvy, it’s easy to let yourself get a little gruff or sharp with people, which of course is not being meek and gentle, and which often doesn’t get good results or make you feel any better.

Stabilize and strengthen yourself by resting in Me and by learning My meekness of spirit. Then My strength will give you what you need to face and handle and overcome your daily challenges.