A timely test

If you were to ask, I would have described myself as a fairly easygoing personality. I don’t get ruffled too easily and I don’t get (too) upset when things go wrong. When …  »


The year had been full of events, deadlines, accomplishments. I was working hard teaching English in a private school, as well as tutoring from home. Simultaneously I was …  »

Smooth sailing on stormy seas

For a good bit of my life, I’ve been a worrier. My take on the “power of positive thinking” / “look on the bright side” philosophy was, “Bah, humbug! That kind of advice …  »

Getting the best results

When you have so much to do, slowing things down and taking time to meditate, getting your mind off the work at hand and onto Jesus could be the last thing you feel like …  »

A perfect day

Today was perfect! It wasn’t a perfectly lazy day, or perfect in terms of accomplishments, or without problems. Still, it was so perfect from start to finish that I now f …  »

Death of horseshoes

I vividly recall the men in our neighborhood gathering every evening after work in a vacant lot next to my house for a game of horseshoes. The pace of life was more relax …  »

The secret

Oh, how divinely sweet it is to come into the secret of His presence and abide in His pavilion!—David Brainerd (1718–1747), missionary to the Native Americans Rest in the …  »

Anti-fear therapy

I was cleaning up my brushes and paint cans after some volunteers and I finished painting a large mural for the local Sunday school when Maxim passed me a note: I was rea …  »

Laughing with abandon

How easy it is to listen to the advice of others and change ourselves into something we are not. To quit being our unique and wonderfully made selves. To base our worth o …  »

Creative silence

India, where I live, is a country of wide, sweeping farmlands; huge mountains jutting their peaks into the sky; broad rivers lazily moving over rocks. The land is as peac …  »

Escape stress

How often do we finally reach a state of peaceful contentment and then wish we could hang out a sign that says, "Do not disturb"? Of course we can't prevent disturbances …  »

The open window

When life feels like a tiny, windowless room whose four walls are closing in, you can create a window of escape. As you read and meditate on My Word, as you believe My pr …  »