Who is He?

Shortly after Jesus healed “great multitudes” and fed 4,000 people from seven loaves and a few fish, [[See Matthew 15:29–38.]] He asked His disciples what people were say …  »

Touch of love

I think one of the main things that makes me want to be as close to Jesus as I can is the personalized touches of His love that He gives me. He does special things in eac …  »

Listening for the both of us

(This story is a retelling of Luke 10:38–42.) It was late in the season. The Heat led the series against the Lakers 2–1, with Game Four taking place this afternoon. I was …  »

All in the name

I recently read an article about how the sound of certain words can affect our emotions. Unsurprisingly, words like accept, bountiful, embrace, glow, humor, laugh, play l …  »

The One who cares

“Do you have a minute to talk? It's important!” said the young man who approached me with a big smile. Talk to me? Why? I had to admit he looked sort of friendly, but wha …  »

God does something new

When Jesus rose from the dead, His resurrection was the first phase of God’s new creation, a new kind of existence—a human body was transformed by the power of God into o …  »

Clean slate

Around last Easter, I was feeling lousy about myself, thinking I was falling short of the Gospel admonitions to love others and live an unselfish life. I felt I was carin …  »

A sure bet

I’m a very competitive person and I’ve always loved taking chances and risks. The idea of investing a little in order to obtain big returns has always fascinated me. I’m …  »

Finding South Station

Faith permeated my life as a child. I never doubted the existence of a loving God who was concerned about my life, and who answered prayer and helped me on a daily basis. …  »

A friend for life and beyond

I have a great friend, one I can trust completely. He opens His heart to me, and I feel safe doing the same in return. He knows what’s going on inside my heart and unders …  »

Let’s live!

If you have found Me, you have found the secret to experiencing life to the full. I am far more than a historical character who lived and died 2,000 years ago. Because I …  »