Finding God

Trying to describe God can be a challenging prospect. There are so many sides to His personality, and He’s so much greater and more profound than we’ll ever be able to gr …  »

The Master’s hands

A mother once took her young son, who was just beginning to learn to play the piano, to hear the world-famous pianist Jan Paderewski in concert. After an usher showed the …  »

The rock

My wife Maria and I recently returned from a trip to Switzerland where we stayed with some friends who live by a lake. While there, I would often look out the window at t …  »

Over the precipice

Over forty years later, this episode from a holiday in Scotland is still vivid in my mind. That morning, my friend Adrian and I set out from the youth hostel in Fort Will …  »

Lights will guide you home

I was driving home one night with the windows rolled down, the wind making a mess of my hair. The radio was playing, but I was mostly absorbed in my own thoughts—that is, …  »

Save your sanity!

Resting in the Lord[See Psalm 37:7.] is putting your weight down on Jesus and spending time in deep communion and fellowship with Him so that He can infuse you with stren …  »

Quite a commotion

“Commotion” comes to mind when I think of him. I can’t forget the first time I met him. I was in synagogue for the regular Sabbath service. Judit is an elderly widow who …  »

Speed date

God isn’t a complete mystery; He’s told us lots about Himself in His Word. Pull up a chair and hear what He has to say. We won’t find out everything,[See Deuteronomy 29:2 …  »