Overcoming crises

Are you worried about your future and that of your loved ones? Does it feel like your world recently came crashing down around you? Do you feel helpless, depressed, isola …  »

Tiny worlds

I remember learning about the word “microcosm” when I was in fifth grade. As homework, our teacher handed each of us a 36-inch string and told us to make a circle on the …  »

Seeing Jesus

In a series of experiments conducted a few years back, dogs were given the command “shake,” and they were normally happy to do so whether they got a reward or not. Howeve …  »


Two thousand one hundred! Not a date but a number. Bono, the lead singer of rock band U2, known for his anti-poverty campaigns, notes that this is how many mentions of po …  »

The Water

It was the hot, dry season. With no rain in almost a month, crops were dying, cows had stopped giving milk, streams had long dried up, and we, like other farmers in the a …  »

The kindness of strangers

About a year ago, I sprained my ankle quite badly coming out of the movie theater and needed to go to the hospital for an x-ray and to have it properly bandaged. Thankful …  »

Debt free

Sérgio was going through a severe financial crisis. He had taken out a large loan in a foreign currency, but a wild fluctuation in the exchange rate had raised his debt t …  »

Easter praise

Picture a tiny, hard seed trapped in darkness. Rain falls, the sun shines, and within that seed, cells are multiplying. Soon there’s a green shoot of life. A new plant is …  »

Prince of Peace

Once, when I was crossing the Sea of Galilee with My disciples, a storm arose and threatened to sink our small boat. My disciples were frightened, but I commanded the sto …  »