A walk with God

“If anyone says that they love Jesus,” the catchy song in my daughter’s Christian cartoon goes, “they should walk as He walked too. Walk and talk and be just like Him, in …  »

One who knows Him

A friend and I happened to walk past a cinema just as several movies ended and hundreds of people flooded onto the sidewalk. One man stood out in the crowd—literally—and …  »

Forest fire!

Over the past decades, violent forest fires have swept the wooded areas of North America, wiping out huge tracts of woodland and often destroying entire neighborhoods. It …  »

God with us

My barn having burned to the ground, I can now see the moon. —Mizuta Masahide (1657–1723) It is not a question of God allowing or not allowing things to happen. It is par …  »

Mr. Rabbit and me

It all started when we gave in to the children’s pleas and bought a cute little rabbit. At first, the little fellow was too small to be left alone in the garden while the …  »

The God factor

God is in the heavenly realm, but He works in the real world. He deals not just in spiritual blessings and rewards, but in tangible, black-and-white, dollars-and-cents ma …  »

Star Dust

It’s been over a decade since this event was reported,  yet the story of a commercial airplane that mysteriously disappeared while on a routine flight still fascinates me …  »

Effective prayers

Do you sometimes forget to pray, or not know where to start or how to go about it when you do remember? It takes a while for prayer to become a habit, but it’s one that’s …  »

The bridge

I’d just arrived in the port city of Tampico, Mexico, and I was being shown around the townhouse our volunteer work would be based out of. It is located fairly close to t …  »

Sand between my toes

The small card fell out of a pile of papers. It was an old photograph, nothing special, a tiny fishing boat crossing a calm ocean underneath a blue sky. I don’t know how …  »

Be an icon

The Greek word translated as “image” in most English versions of the Bible is eikon, from which we also get “icon.” It is used in the Bible both literally [See Matthew 22 …  »

Walking with God

Perhaps you prefer to walk in the early morning, like Jesus who rose a “great while before day and went into a solitary place to pray.”[Mark 1:35] Or maybe you enjoy walk …  »

Constant companion

I want to be a very present companion, counselor, and help to you—not merely someone you know of, or someone you met once but rarely think about or talk to, or even an ad …  »