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  • 05-its-my-fight

    It’s my fight

    The movie Shenandoah is set during the American Civil War. It’s a moving story of a Southern family caught up in the conflict of the day. The patriarch of the family, Charlie Anderson, continually shuts down the urges of his sons who want to join the war. Charlie wants to remain neutral and uninvolved until the war […]

  • 06-Two-lives-to-imitate

    Two lives to imitate

    My grandmother Sabina was a saint that I had the privilege to meet personally. She had no birth certificate, but went to school long enough to learn how to read well. She read her Bible daily and never missed a Sunday mass. She was kind and gentle, yet never missed an opportunity to teach us […]

  • 08-Olympic-faith

    Olympic faith

    The 2016 Summer Olympics held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, had some truly exciting moments. Athletes from 28 sports and 41 disciplines amazed us with their talent, audacity, perseverance, and physical and mental prowess. Yet, in my opinion, there was an aspect of these Olympic competitions that shone even brighter than the medals—the role that […]

  • 09-Unsung-heroes

    Unsung heroes

    God alone is aware of the vast quantity of heroic deeds taking place each day. If plaques were given for each, there wouldn’t be enough space on all the walls in the world! Perhaps this was on my husband Michael’s mind when he wrote this song in appreciation of the many unsung heroes. I saw […]

  • 10-What-really-counts

    What really counts

    I dreamed that I was invited to a luxurious banquet. Everything around me shone with glory and splendor. Crystal goblets were filled with the best wines and all my favorite dishes were present. Then there was the command, “Eat and be happy.” So I ate and was happy. By the time the desserts were served, […]

  • 02-the-day-bouncer-broke

    The day the bouncer broke 

    I was thrilled to be a new mother again. Allen was one of those happy, mellow little guys. I would put him in his bouncer, and he would be happy to sit there, awake or asleep, while I rocked the bouncer with one foot and sat in my chair and worked on my laptop. I […]

  • 04-The-long-dark-night

    The long dark night

    I had walked to the health store, ten blocks from home, to pick up some vitamins. Though I loved walking and made this trip often, something felt different that day. I had fumbled with my change and forgotten my list. On my walk home I stopped at a crosswalk, waiting for the light to change. […]

  • 05-A-piece-of-peace

    A piece of peace

    Have you ever had one of those days where it seemed like the world was against you, and where it looked like everything that could go wrong, went wrong? It was February 29, a day that only comes every four years. Looking at a list of things that had fallen on my schedule for that day, it seemed […]

  • 06-communication-with-god

    Communication with God 

    “God finds ways to communicate with those who truly seek Him,” Christian author Philip Yancey wrote, “especially when we lower the volume of the surrounding static.” Nearly 300 years earlier, Isaac Newton made the same discovery, which he explained this way: “I can take my telescope and look millions of miles into space; but I […]

  • 08-god-to-do-list

    God’s to-do list

    I’ve always been an accomplishment-oriented person. I prided myself in knowing what to do, having my to-do list all prioritized, with the most important tasks highlighted, circled, or written in large print. I’d zip around town, stopping here and there, knocking off the “minors” while on my way to accomplish another “major.” Some years back, […]

  • 02_The_smallest_coin_in_the_world

    The smallest coin in the world

    Just before I left for India, where I was going to spend a number of years as a volunteer, a friend gave me a very original and, I thought, useful farewell present. “I’m kind of worried for you,” she confided. “You’re going to a difficult country and this might come in handy.” On the small […]

  • Playing God

    Playing God

    I’ve often wished I had a truckload of money that I could use to help others. There are many people I know who need financial help for one thing or another, and it would be great to have the means to be that help. I daydream of coming along and dropping a bunch of cash […]