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  • 07-Perseverance-pays-off

    Perseverance pays off 

    Any mother who’s tried to get her toddler to sit still long enough to finish a meal can tell you about children’s short attention spans, but there are also moments when they’re driven to learn a new skill, such as picking up a small object with chubby little fingers, or crawling, or walking. These new […]

  • 08-Long-life-with-Jesus

    Long life with Jesus

    My dad lived until he was 101, my mom until she was 99, and they were married for over 75 years! They survived two world wars and had nine children, though the twins, who were born right after World War II, went back to heaven at birth. They had 19 grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren. […]

  • 09-You-me-change

    You, me, and change

    Change is a scary thing. Even the best of changes have some downsides or fallout, and the worst of changes usually have some silver lining hidden in them. But no matter how much I know this in my head, sometimes it’s hard to believe it in my heart. Regardless of your position on change, the […]

  • 10-anchor-holds

    Our anchor holds

    Change is one thing that drives us closer to God. “Change and decay in all around I see; O Thou who changest not, abide with me.”1 All things change, but Jesus never. He’s the only thing that remains constant. One of the circumstances when this is most evident is when we move to a new place […]

  • 02-Following-heroes

    Following heroes

    I was ten years old when I first heard of Albert Schweitzer, and I was really impressed by his dedication—to the point that I started contemplating becoming a doctor like him and following in his footsteps in Africa. Those were the days when in order to know more about something or somebody, you had to […]

  • 04-Eddy-and-the-earring

    Eddy and the earring

    Sometimes the greatest heroes are actually the unsung little ones who live their lives with quiet courage. By their example, they leave an indelible mark. Eddy is one of those. Every Saturday morning I volunteer at the children’s ward of a cancer center, teaching English to the staff, patients, and parents. I always try to […]

  • 05-its-my-fight

    It’s my fight

    The movie Shenandoah is set during the American Civil War. It’s a moving story of a Southern family caught up in the conflict of the day. The patriarch of the family, Charlie Anderson, continually shuts down the urges of his sons who want to join the war. Charlie wants to remain neutral and uninvolved until the war […]

  • 06-Two-lives-to-imitate

    Two lives to imitate

    My grandmother Sabina was a saint that I had the privilege to meet personally. She had no birth certificate, but went to school long enough to learn how to read well. She read her Bible daily and never missed a Sunday mass. She was kind and gentle, yet never missed an opportunity to teach us […]

  • 08-Olympic-faith

    Olympic faith

    The 2016 Summer Olympics held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, had some truly exciting moments. Athletes from 28 sports and 41 disciplines amazed us with their talent, audacity, perseverance, and physical and mental prowess. Yet, in my opinion, there was an aspect of these Olympic competitions that shone even brighter than the medals—the role that […]

  • 09-Unsung-heroes

    Unsung heroes

    God alone is aware of the vast quantity of heroic deeds taking place each day. If plaques were given for each, there wouldn’t be enough space on all the walls in the world! Perhaps this was on my husband Michael’s mind when he wrote this song in appreciation of the many unsung heroes. I saw […]

  • 10-What-really-counts

    What really counts

    I dreamed that I was invited to a luxurious banquet. Everything around me shone with glory and splendor. Crystal goblets were filled with the best wines and all my favorite dishes were present. Then there was the command, “Eat and be happy.” So I ate and was happy. By the time the desserts were served, […]

  • 02-the-day-bouncer-broke

    The day the bouncer broke 

    I was thrilled to be a new mother again. Allen was one of those happy, mellow little guys. I would put him in his bouncer, and he would be happy to sit there, awake or asleep, while I rocked the bouncer with one foot and sat in my chair and worked on my laptop. I […]