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  • 13-My-love

    My love 

    My love is patient and understanding in a world of intolerance. My love is tender and kind when people are callous or indifferent. My love comforts in times of sorrow. My love consoles the lonely. My love brings clarity of mind to those who are confused, rest to the weary, help to the helpless, and […]

  • 11-Make-someone-s-day

    Make someone’s day

    Have you ever had a bad day just because you crossed paths with someone who was in a foul mood? Maybe it was someone on the bus or another customer in a store—someone who you normally wouldn’t have even noticed—but that one grumpy or inconsiderate person cast a pall on your whole day. On the […]

  • 11-Embracing-new-challenges

    Embracing new challenges

    It’s tough to change the things that have become second nature to you. But when these things are holding you back, they need to be countered, challenged, and overcome. That’s what makes change so difficult‚ but so wonderfully challenging—you’re defying human nature in the habits that bind you to doing things in a certain way. […]

  • 11-My-presence

    My presence

    I am always with you, ready and willing to help, direct, comfort, love, heal, and provide for you. I want you to bring Me into every area of your life. I don’t ask this because I want to harness or control you, but because I love you. I want to provide for you and protect […]

  • 10-rest-in-me

    Rest in Me 

    I love it when you take time to commune with Me. There don’t even have to be words, prayers, or praises involved. We can commune in the spirit if you turn your thoughts toward Me and let your mind and spirit dwell there. We can be like two lovers who are happy at the thought […]

  • My promises stand

    My promises stand

    I told My disciples that every hair of their heads was counted and that not one sparrow falls to the ground without My Father knowing about it. I told them that they didn’t need to worry about their material needs, that if they trusted and followed Me, I would make sure their needs were met.1 […]

  • 10-sunshine-of-my-love

    The sunshine of My love

    You can’t make the sun come out on a rainy day, but you can work to change the mood around you. Most people feel happier and are more upbeat on a warm, sunny day than on a stormy one. You can warm and encourage the people around you by the sunny “rays” or good vibes you send […]

  • 13-I-ll-come-through

    I’ll come through

    If you reflect on My great men and women who have gone before you—those mentioned in the Bible, and others since that time—you will note how each lived for Me and accomplished great things in My name. Some of them, such as those listed in Hebrews 11, never received all that I had promised them […]

  • 11_little_words_of_encouragement

    Little words of encouragement

    I teach you how to have love through My own example. For every great miracle I do for you and all those who love Me, I do countless tiny things that you may barely notice. Those steady demonstrations of My care, My unconditional love, My touches of hope, strength, mercy, and forgiveness, day in and […]

  • 10_get_back_control

    Taking back control

    There’s so much that you need to do each day, so much that you want to do, and so much that others expect of you. You feel pulled in all directions. Pressure. Tension. Anxiety. Will it ever stop? It won’t stop on its own, but you can break the cycle. You don’t have to remain […]


    Happy new you!

    In this coming year, I can help you become more like you want to be. In fact, I can do better than that! I can help you become more like I want you to be. Yes, it will take some effort on your part; it will take a daily yielding to My Spirit. For Me […]

  • 10-season-for-love

    A season for love

    Christmas is “the season of joy” and “a time of cheer.” But as Christmas comes around, do you find yourself experiencing things far from joy and cheer? If you look at each Christmas as needing to be bigger and better than the last, you’re probably anxiously filling up every moment with preparations toward that goal. […]