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  • What faith knows

    When I look at some of the men and women in the Bible, at a quick glance they seem to be so confident, so certain of everything. Next to such seemingly unwavering faith, we can start to feel a little unsure of our own faith. Perhaps that’s because we’re seeing the miracles they experienced through […]

  • Free agents

    Have you ever been faced with important decisions and needed explicit direction, only to feel as if God was in silent mode?—Right when you would most like Him to give a precise answer? I know I have, and during those times, it’s been a spiritual struggle. Once, while struggling with a decision, I so much […]

  • Getting the best results

    When you have so much to do, slowing things down and taking time to meditate, getting your mind off the work at hand and onto Jesus could be the last thing you feel like doing. Even if you try, you may find that “resting in Jesus” is often easier said than done. Yet He tells […]

  • The Bread of life

    “I am the bread of life”1 is one of the seven “I Am” statements of Jesus. … Bread is considered a staple food—i.e., a basic dietary item. … Bread is such a basic food item that it becomes synonymous for food in general. We even use the phrase “breaking bread together” to indicate the sharing […]

  • Setting the menu

    Christians who are interested in spiritual growth recognize that spending time taking in and absorbing God’s Word is of utmost importance. It is within the Bible that we learn about God’s love for humanity, Jesus’ message, and how to live in harmony with God and our fellow human beings. Setting aside daily time to read […]

  • God does something new

    When Jesus rose from the dead, His resurrection was the first phase of God’s new creation, a new kind of existence—a human body was transformed by the power of God into one that is no longer affected by death, decay, and corruption. Nothing like this had ever happened! “We know that Christ, being raised from […]

  • God in you

    We all need to have faith in ourselves—or rather faith that God is in us and that He can use us. Since God uses individuals to do His work, we have to believe that we’re capable. We need faith in His ability to perform and work through us. We must dare to try, which means […]

  • The key of simplicity

    Our true treasures are not money and possessions. Our true treasures are the kingdom of God, His love and interaction in our lives, our salvation, God’s provision and care for us, and our coming rewards. Understanding this puts our finances and their use in the right perspective. In Psalm 24, David exclaims, “The earth belongs […]

  • New year, new commitments

    The beginning of a new year is such an interesting time. We often think back over our experiences of the past year as well as look ahead to what the new year will bring. It can be encouraging to see the challenges met, the victories won, the progress made, the commitments carried through, and the […]

  • Timeless carols

    Something I’ve always loved about Christmas is listening to and singing the beautiful Christmas carols that have been written over the centuries. I like them so much that I often listen to them at other times throughout the year. Many are masterpieces and deeply moving. Recently, when looking online for the words to some of […]

  • Those dirty shepherds

    “There were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night.”—Luke 2:8 NIV When I was a child, one of my favorite pictures of Jesus depicted Him as the Good Shepherd, carrying a lamb around His shoulders. If you’re like me, you might have expected that those shepherds watching their […]

  • A challenging thought

    Recently I came across a familiar Bible verse, which I’ve read, heard, and even quoted hundreds of times, but when meditating on it, thinking of its practical application and the enormity of the consequences of ignoring it, I more fully realized its importance. Matthew 6:14–15 says, “If you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father […]