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  • Enduring Hardship

    As Christians, we aren’t exempted from the difficulties of this life, even if some think we should be. If we have the expectation that our faith should shield us from problems, struggles, and suffering, this can lead to somewhat of a martyr complex when things go wrong, until we start to wonder, How could anyone […]

  • A Heart Full of Joy

    The joy God can give you enables you to be happy even if things aren’t perfect in your earthly situation, because it reaches beyond that. God promises that things will turn out all right in the future, and that He has strength available for you in the present. God wants to help you be happy […]

  • Planning for Success

    Faced with a major project or challenge? You probably have a general idea of where you want to go, but it takes a strategy, a plan of the steps to take in order to reach that objective. Planning is an investment. To plan wisely and well takes time, effort, patience‚ good research, and counsel—and for […]

  • Mud and Palaces

    As much as we would like it, life is not always as wonderful as we’d wish, and we sometimes find ourselves having to brave the tumult of experiences that are hard to bear. Sometimes, when our patience and faith are tried, when all our attempts to do the right thing end up caked in the […]

  • The Rock

    My wife Maria and I recently returned from a trip to Switzerland where we stayed with some friends who live by a lake. While there, I would often look out the window at the beautiful lake and surrounding mountains. There was one mountain in particular which stood out to me. It jutted up like a […]

  • Easter—Yesterday, Today and Foverever!

    What did Jesus’ resurrection mean to His original disciples—all of those who believed in Him during His lifetime on earth? And what does it mean to us today? By the time Jesus shared the Last Supper with His followers, just hours before He was arrested, tried, and killed, they had come to understand that Jesus […]

  • Candle on a Candlestick

    Manifesting God’s love to those whom He places in our path each day is at the heart of Christian life. Writing about this, the apostle Paul went so far as to say, “the love of Christ compels us”1 to do so. In whatever specific ways God leads each of us to reach our part of […]

  • The Value of Healthy Living

    Staying healthy doesn’t happen automatically. It takes effort, and also usually involves some sacrifice, some reordering of priorities and forgoing certain things that would be enjoyable but not good for us. Long-term health is a lifelong investment, but it’s a wise one. Better to invest a little each day in strengthening our bodies than to […]

  • Love Beyond Limits

    Consistently thinking of others and trying to meet their needs, especially when that involves personal sacrifice, is a tall order! It’s so easy to be lazy, selfish, and self-centered. Most of us are that way naturally. Our first reactions are usually about ourselves—what we want and what will make us happy. But with Jesus’ help, […]

  • The Lower Lights

    When my husband’s health was declining and I was visiting him at the hospital, I would see other patients in waiting rooms or in their beds and think about what they must be suffering. Some of them, especially the very aged, would be lying there all alone, day after day. I visited the hospital daily for […]

  • Limitless Love

    The Lord is good to all, and His mercy is over all that He has made. The eyes of all look to You, and You give them their food in due season. You open Your hand; You satisfy the desire of every living thing.—Psalm 145:9,15–16 God’s love extends to every person. Ever since He created human […]

  • The Change Equation

    This is a time of great change in the world—technological, economic, religious, political, business, and environmental. The results are seen in governments, organizations, and in the lives of families and individuals. Although it’s sometimes more evident and easier to recognize and take stock of at the start of a new year, change is actually constantly […]