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  • A Christian’s hope

    Most people understand hope as wishful thinking, as in I hope something will happen. But this is not what the Bible means by hope. In the Bible, hope is used in the sense of “joyful and confident expectation.”1 Maybe you hope for good things to happen, or like me sometimes, you tend to rather hope […]

  • A tale of two riddles

    The other day, someone sent me a list of riddles, which led to the realization that I’m not very good at riddles. I figure I need practice, so I’ve been testing the patience of those around me, thinking up riddles of my own, some better than others. Here’s one: What do a picnic in Wales, […]

  • Building the future

    The end of a year is a good time to take stock of things, a chance for us to reflect on all that has happened over the last twelve months. It can be a bittersweet time, as there are experiences and people that have moved into our past. But the end also brings a new […]

  • Full of wonder

    The story of the first Nativity scene is a well-known Christmas staple: Saint Francis of Assisi is traditionally believed to have asked the citizens of the village of Grecchio, in 1223, to play the characters in the Nativity. What’s certain is that these “living cribs” became highly popular and the tradition spread around the world. […]

  • Hard times

    At the time I’m writing this, my car has been giving me trouble. It’s been like this for a while; and whenever it seems like it’s fixed, it’s not long before something goes wrong again. It’s already cost quite a bit of time and money, and it’s looking like more will be required before the […]

  • The challenge of change

    For many people, coming to know and accept Christ is a life-changing event. For example, immediately after he met and talked with Jesus, Zacchaeus’ entire life was turned around.1 In a matter of days, Saul went from “threatening with every breath and eager to destroy every Christian”2 to preaching the gospel as the apostle Paul. […]

  • Mountain movers

    I’ve always wondered what Jesus meant when He said, “If you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it would move.”1 I’ve never heard of mountains moving—and I’ve certainly never moved a mountain—so why did He choose that analogy? Over time, […]

  • Our constant

    Ask anyone, and they’ll agree that today’s world is very different from the one our parents and grandparents knew. The funny thing is that the feeling is not new by any means. “The cause of the … increase in nervous disease is increased demand made by the conditions of modern life,” affirmed an article published […]

  • Building and strengthening

    The Roman author Tertullian (c.160–c. 225), when speaking of the early church, reported that the pagans would exclaim, “See how they love one another!” Clearly the Christians’ concern and care was visible in their actions, attitudes, and words. One of the early Christians named Joses seems to have had a special talent for understanding and […]

  • A timely test

    If you were to ask, I would have described myself as a fairly easygoing personality. I don’t get ruffled too easily and I don’t get (too) upset when things go wrong. When I first read David’s article (on pp. 4–5 of this issue), where he describes himself as an unrepentant worrier, I pictured myself brushing […]

  • Daily needs

    When Jesus taught His disciples to pray, only one of the things He told them to ask for was a physical need—“Give us this day our daily bread.”1 All the rest of the prayer is praise to God or requests for spiritual gifts or blessings so that we can better please and serve Him. His […]

  • Who is He?

    Shortly after Jesus healed “great multitudes” and fed 4,000 people from seven loaves and a few fish,1 He asked His disciples what people were saying about Him. They reported that some believed He was John the Baptist, others that He was Elijah or Jeremiah or one of the other prophets of old come back from […]