• Go long

    As I was walking one day, I saw a boy and his father playing together in a field, throwing a ball back and forth. At one point, the father held the ball up and motioned to the far end of the field. “Go long, son!” he said. The father hadn’t thrown the ball yet, but […]

  • Mama worries

    When my first pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage, I wasn’t worried, I was angry. For weeks, I held it in, but finally, I literally raised my fist at God and told Him off. “You failed me!” was the gist of it. Later, I realized I was already a couple of days pregnant when I had […]

  • Breaking the habit of worry

    Isaac was the only son of Abraham and Sarah, promised by God and given to them by a miracle in their old age. He isn’t as famous as his father, or even Jacob, his son. But I learned a big lesson from him. During a famine, Isaac moved to the land of Gerar of the […]

  • Different but deeper

    I was raised in a Christian home by dedicated Christian parents. We prayed before we went out, whenever we got in the car, before we cooked, before we started our homework, and of course, before going to sleep. The bookshelves were full of children’s devotional books and Bibles, and we watched Bible cartoons in the […]

  • The metronome

    Four friends sit around the kitchen island. Each of us has jobs, schedules, responsibilities that pull us in different directions, and it isn’t often that we have the opportunity to hang out together. But on this evening we sit together and share life. Our conversation meanders through subjects—raising kids, travels, life struggles, etc. After a […]

  • Winning through prayer

    Prayer shows your faith in Me—faith that I will bring the solutions, show you the way, work in people’s lives, and even do the impossible when necessary. It also shows that you are depending on Me, and this pleases Me greatly. I work through both your spoken prayers and the unspoken prayers of your heart, […]