Volume 18.03 | March 2017

  • The secret

    At the time Paul wrote his letter to the church in Philippi, he was languishing in a Roman prison, yet in his introduction, he describes true happiness not as him being released, but as the Christians there having loving, harmonious relations with one another. Then he goes on to describe how they can do that: […]

  • The case of the mysterious text

    One busy day, I was trying to get my boys to their computer classes on time when we realized that we couldn’t find one of their textbooks nor the house key. More frayed nerves and frantic running around. In the midst of it all, my phone beeped. It was a text message from a number […]

  • The wise and unwise leader 

    A good executive is not a boss—he is a servant! Jesus wasn’t just trying to teach His disciples humility when He said, “Whoever desires to become great among you, let him be your servant.”1 A good executive simply is not a dictator. He listens to his employees. When the top people don’t communicate with those […]

  • A tale of two camps

    A friend of mine told me that when she was young, even though her family was close and they loved one another very much, fairness was always an issue. She said that when her mom brought home a pie or ice cream for dessert, she and her brother fought over who got the bigger piece. […]

  • When your son is caught sleeping

    On the way home after an evening outing with some friends, I asked my youngest if he had a good time. “Sort of,” he answered. “But the kids on the playground were teasing me.” “About what?” I asked. He sometimes reacts strongly to comments, so I assumed it wasn’t a big deal. “Eric said he […]

  • Learning from the hurt

    It’s my 20th year living and working in the former Yugoslavia. I also lived here earlier, right after President Tito died in 1980. His pictures were still hanging everywhere, and though the country was going through a challenging economic crisis, it seemed like nobody questioned Yugoslav unity. Having lived here both “before” and “after,” it’s […]

  • The most unlikely to succeed

    “Disciple Making: Training Leaders to Make Disciples,”1 cites an imaginary report to Jesus from the Jordan Management Consultant firm in Jerusalem, detailing its findings on the twelve men He had submitted for evaluation. Dear Sir,             Thank you for submitting the resumes of the twelve men you have picked for management positions in your new […]

  • Being a good listener

    Good listening takes effort. Notice the traits of the people whom you enjoy talking to, the good listeners. They show their interest with their eyes, posture, and the ways they react. It’s a sort of indescribable mood that says, I enjoy listening to you. You’re important to me. A calmness and patience about them tells you, Take your […]

  • Talking vs listening

    The small cafeteria at our workplace was abuzz with chatter. Colleagues sat in groups and the room was humming with conversation. That morning I felt I had little to contribute and opted to sit alone. Staring out the window, I was lost in troubled contemplation of recent loss, rough edges in my working relationships, and […]

  • Little words of encouragement

    I teach you how to have love through My own example. For every great miracle I do for you and all those who love Me, I do countless tiny things that you may barely notice. Those steady demonstrations of My care, My unconditional love, My touches of hope, strength, mercy, and forgiveness, day in and […]