Volume 17.07 | July 2016

  • Knowing God

    God has a problem! Lots of people say they believe in God, but they don’t really know who He is. To many children, God is something of a cross between a superhero and a friendly old wizard with a long white beard. Superman meets Dumbledore. As we grow up, God seems to “graduate” into a […]

  • The hiding place

    When I was born, only a few years after WW2, Holland was still getting back on its feet, and the aftermath of the war and occupation was still visible. I grew up hearing many stories about the things people had endured, and it filled me with deep respect for the sacrifices that had been made, […]

  • Radiant imprints

    “He (Jesus) is the radiance of the glory of God and the exact imprint of God’s nature, and He upholds the universe by the word of His power.”1 Jesus described Himself as “the light of the world,”2 but have you ever contemplated what that means? Jesus is the radiant brilliance of the Father that shines into […]

  • Meanings and purposes

    For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt strongly that I needed a purpose, a “mission,” a life plan. It’s both part of my natural personality type and how I was brought up to understand that God worked—that He had a calling, a “special place in His kingdom” for each of us. I still […]

  • Surprise!

    How about those moments when life is moving along smoothly, it looks like you have a good view of where things are headed, you’re making progress … and then all of a sudden, surprise! A total about-face happens. Something that forces you to change and pushes you in a different direction. A complete game changer. […]

  • From mundane to marvelous

    One of my favorite novels is C. S. Lewis’s The Horse and His Boy, one of the seven books in The Chronicles of Narnia series. The heroine, Aravis, is a princess trying to escape an arranged marriage to a high-ranking, but loathsome, fellow. Escaping with her are some newfound friends who, despite being unrelated, cross paths with her […]

  • What God does for me

    When I came in for my nursing shift in the department for Alzheimer’s sufferers, one patient was very agitated and wouldn’t sit still. I could have given her some medication to calm her, but as she wasn’t agressive or in pain, I instead walked around with her for a while. It was an aimless stroll; […]

  • Peace

    Many people do not even hope to find love and joy, for both seem impossible to them; however, they would give everything in exchange for peace. Some people think money can help them find peace and solve their problems. But even if all the weapons were removed from the face of the earth and all […]

  • Creation and soul healing

    Living in a big city can take its toll on our spirits, minds, and bodies. The crowded conditions, the selfishness, the barrage of media, the stress of normal life, relationships, health, finances, family, friends, coworkers … it can all get to us if we do not take time daily to refresh our spirit with a […]

  • Walking with God

    In the very first chapters of Genesis, we read of an enigmatic character, Enoch. Though we know little about him now, it seems that Enoch was well-known in Jesus’ time, as the New Testament book of Jude records a prophecy received by him in relation to the Latter Days.1 This patriarch (born only seven generations […]

  • I am here to help

    I know all about you—your gifts, your ­talents, your strengths. I also know your weaknesses, your idio­syncrasies, and all the funny things about you that make you an individual. I know about the nagging problems that you can’t seem to overcome and all the things about yourself that bother you. I know your heart’s desires […]