Volume 16.04 | April 2015

  • Who is He?

    Shortly after Jesus healed “great multitudes” and fed 4,000 people from seven loaves and a few fish,1 He asked His disciples what people were saying about Him. They reported that some believed He was John the Baptist, others that He was Elijah or Jeremiah or one of the other prophets of old come back from […]

  • Touch of love

    I think one of the main things that makes me want to be as close to Jesus as I can is the personalized touches of His love that He gives me. He does special things in each of our lives—sometimes we notice, many times we don’t, and other times we notice but don’t peg the […]

  • Listening for the both of us

    (This story is a retelling of Luke 10:38–42.) It was late in the season. The Heat led the series against the Lakers 2–1, with Game Four taking place this afternoon. I was busy. I was always busy, but today she had invited guests over for lunch, so busy had taken on a whole new dimension. […]

  • All in the name

    I recently read an article about how the sound of certain words can affect our emotions. Unsurprisingly, words like accept, bountiful, embrace, glow, humor, laugh, play left the subjects feeling positive. In the same way, hearing the name of a loved one can make us feel happy. Try it! Close your eyes and say the […]

  • The One who cares

    “Do you have a minute to talk? It’s important!” said the young man who approached me with a big smile. Talk to me? Why? I had to admit he looked sort of friendly, but whatever he wanted, I was not in the mood. Suddenly I noticed he carried a Bible and thought I understood: He […]

  • God does something new

    When Jesus rose from the dead, His resurrection was the first phase of God’s new creation, a new kind of existence—a human body was transformed by the power of God into one that is no longer affected by death, decay, and corruption. Nothing like this had ever happened! “We know that Christ, being raised from […]

  • Clean slate

    Around last Easter, I was feeling lousy about myself, thinking I was falling short of the Gospel admonitions to love others and live an unselfish life. I felt I was caring too much about material things and had begun trying very hard to improve. Then I had a curious experience while returning home in the […]

  • A sure bet

    I’m a very competitive person and I’ve always loved taking chances and risks. The idea of investing a little in order to obtain big returns has always fascinated me. I’m good at sports and games, but even when I was growing up, if there wasn’t a wager or reward involved in a tennis or ping-pong […]

  • Finding South Station

    Faith permeated my life as a child. I never doubted the existence of a loving God who was concerned about my life, and who answered prayer and helped me on a daily basis. I prayed from the time I could form words. I sang songs about Jesus and loved Him. He was a very real […]

  • A friend for life and beyond

    I have a great friend, one I can trust completely. He opens His heart to me, and I feel safe doing the same in return. He knows what’s going on inside my heart and understands what’s important to me. I have called you friends, for all things that I heard from My Father I have […]

  • Let’s live!

    If you have found Me, you have found the secret to experiencing life to the full. I am far more than a historical character who lived and died 2,000 years ago. Because I rose from the dead, I am even more alive and active today than I was when I walked the earth. And because […]