Volume 15.07 | July 2014

  • Pursuing Happiness

    “Do you want to be happy?” The splash on a magazine cover caught my eye and made me chuckle. Surely everyone wants to be happy; and you’d think that after millennia of philosophers and theologians tackling the problem—not to mention the self-help books and articles published every year on the topic—we’d have figured out the […]

  • The Tea Lesson

    One thing that I enjoyed about the years I spent in Japan is how adept the Japanese are at turning everyday activities into art forms. Such routine tasks as making tea, arranging flowers, gardening, and raking rocks have been transformed into cultural and spiritual experiences. I admire how they hold on to and appreciate the […]

  • Unexpected

    Our jeep bumped along the rugged trail that was going to take us to the main road and back home to Nairobi, after a successful humanitarian aid project in a distant rural area of Kenya. My thoughts were already traveling to the busy week ahead. The next project was around the corner and needed to […]

  • The Love of Colors

    One of the first presents I remember receiving was a small set of tempera paints. Later came a set of oil paints, a tripod, and some canvas. I remember my first “masterpiece,” painted when I was 11 and on summer vacation in the mountains. It took me days, and the result was nothing amazing, but […]

  • Finding “IT”

    Nehemiah said it was the source of true strength.1 The psalmist David found it in God’s presence and offered it back to Him as a love gift.2 Jeremiah found it in God’s Word.3 King Solomon said it was one of God’s rewards for right living.4 Jesus promised it to His followers and said it came […]

  • A Heart Full of Joy

    The joy God can give you enables you to be happy even if things aren’t perfect in your earthly situation, because it reaches beyond that. God promises that things will turn out all right in the future, and that He has strength available for you in the present. God wants to help you be happy […]

  • I Love Life!

    The walls of my bedroom are brightening with a new day’s sun. I rub my eyes, stretch, and yawn, allowing my thoughts to travel far on memory lane. Through the twists and turns of my life, I’ve made what I like to think is a discovery—though surely many others have long found this secret. I […]

  • Looking Forward to Monday

    Successful Icelanders were quoted in a recent newspaper article giving answers to the same set of questions. One response to the question “Do you have any life advice for the readers?” got my attention: “On Sunday, always look forward to the working week.” That’s easier said than done! I thought. My job as a nurse […]

  • Gratitude Therapy

    The winter had been an exceptionally long one in the Balkan Peninsula. How we had been waiting for spring to come! Finally, the beautiful flowers sprang up, the trees budded and then burst forth with new life, and the birds sang their praises that winter had ended once again. Everyone, I think, looks forward to […]

  • The Smile Game

    When I was a little girl, my sister and I used to play the Smile Game. Whenever we were out and about, running errands with our mom, going to the supermarket, or waiting at the stoplight, we’d have a little competition to see who could find the most smiles amongst the people passing by. We’d […]

  • Live the Moment

    Peter was awestruck. Along with James and John, he’d trudged up the mountain following Jesus, when suddenly “[Jesus’] face shone like the sun, and His clothes became as white as the light.” The spectacle was soon even more amazing: Moses and Elijah—dead for many centuries—appeared and started talking with Jesus. 1 It’s not surprising that […]

  • Today Is Going to Be a Good Day

    When I was on earth, I told My disciples that I was going to prepare a place for us to be together forever.1 This place is for all of you who have invited Me into your hearts and lives‚ and I want it to be the most wonderful place there has ever been, perfect in […]