Volume 14.09 | September 2013

  • How to Have a Happier Home

    According to Dr. James H. Bossard, a former professor of sociology at the University of Pennsylvania, one of the greatest weaknesses in family life is the way parents talk in front of their children. After studying extensive recordings of table talk, he wrote, “I have found that family after family had definite, consistent conversational habits, […]

  • Regaining the Plot

    Ever feel like you’ve “lost the plot”? You’re reading a novel and can’t quite figure out who is who, or you tuned out during a film and now it doesn’t seem to make sense anymore. Your life is busy, busy, yet sometimes you’re no longer sure who you are or where you’re headed. Jonah lost […]

  • Learning Meekness

    Come to Me when you are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest and teach you how to be meek, like I am.1 The meekness I’m referring to is really strength; but it is manifested with gentleness and kindness. It doesn’t need to assert itself or boast, because it knows its strength. A […]