Volume 14.05 | May 2013

  • Grace to Keep On Loving

    In one of the most powerful and poetic chapters of the Bible, 1 Corinthians 13, the apostle Paul describes the sort of love Christians are meant to embody: “Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up; does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not […]

  • Plucking Feathers

    In my childhood farmyard in Pleasant Hill, New York, we always had an abundance of chickens roaming around looking for worms and bugs, scratching the ground for seeds, and generally living an easygoing, happy life. That’s one reason why, in spite of a modest food budget, I still always buy free-range eggs. I believe that […]

  • Long-tempered

    I used to have my own definitions of longsuffering and patience. Longsuffering was putting up with something, and patience was putting up with nothing. The one was expressed in “I wish I didn’t have,” and the other in “I wish I did.” There’s more to both than that, of course, especially longsuffering. When I looked […]

  • Life Happens

    Sometimes, at the most unexpected times, we get little revelations that clarify perspective, give insight, and recharge our faith. I got one of those the other day. It had been a long few months financially speaking, and now our vehicle was in the repair shop. As I waited for my husband to call me with […]

  • Creating Space

    I decided “better late than never” and ventured into something new and long overdue: at age 50-plus, I registered for lessons at a local driving school. To my horror, during just my second class, I was taken to drive in the chaotic Nairobi traffic. “Try to create space around your vehicle,” was one of the […]

  • Longsuffering—The Conciliatory Fruit

    “The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law.”1 “If my brother offends me, how many times shall I forgive him?” someone once asked Jesus, before offering a hopeful guess. “Seven times?” “No, seventy times seven!” was Jesus’ reply.2 In other words, we […]

  • I Can’t Stand Her!

    There are some people that we like more than others; and let’s face it, some people like us more than other people do. When I worked as a nurse in the emergency room of a hospital in Reykjavik, Iceland, I was quite self assured and felt I could deal with pretty much any situation. I […]

  • Why is God taking so long?

    Question: I’ve been looking for a new job, but so far without success. If I have prayed and am doing my part, why isn’t God helping me? Answer:   The way God works in our lives and the way He chooses to do things is often past our comprehension. It’s mysterious, it’s humbling, and it […]

  • The Marriage Mirror

    “Mari-i-i-i-ie!” My husband Ivo’s stressed voice rings through the house. “Where did you say my green shirt was again?” “It’s in the closet, on the left side, between your white shirts and your jacket.” “I can’t find it!” I follow his voice up the stairs and into our room. “I’m late, and it’s not where […]

  • Battered Sails

    After an intense period of work a few months back, I had been looking forward to taking some time off. I knew I needed to think about my future and plans in conjunction with changes around me that would affect my career and living situation, but I also looked forward to sinking my teeth into […]

  • Not Every Wave Is Worth Riding

    With no other employment options at the time, my situation was not a happy one. My boss was making my life miserable. He was self-centered, ill-mannered, and crude; yet, like the clueless manager in the TV series The Office, he seemed to fancy himself everyone’s best friend. Whenever I tried to explain the things that […]

  • Morning Calm

    The Bible contains a lot of guidance for how to spend our time and energy: We’re to love and help others,1 share the good news of God’s love,2 and apply ourselves in our work,3 to name a few. But the Bible also teaches that sometimes it is best to stay put and let God work […]