What would the Birthday Boy like?

I love my birthday and everything that comes with it—especially the many congratulatory phone calls, text messages, emails, Facebook wishes, and greeting cards from family and friends. For that one day, everything is about me—my favorite food, where I’d like to go, what I’d like to do, basically whatever I want. I love to bask in the “birthday girl” glory.

Sadly, I know of a birthday boy whose special day is becoming less and less about Him.

Today, Christmas has largely been reduced to a holiday from work, a time to shop, and a reason for relatives to get together. The decorations, exchange of gifts, and parties bring some excitement and merriment, but the Christmas spirit has been replaced to a great extent by the “holiday spirit.”

I once read about a small child who accompanied his grandmother to the shopping mall at Christmas and was awestruck by all the decorations, the toys, and the replica of Santa’s shed. Slowly taking the sight in, the child looked up at his grandmother and innocently asked, “Where is Baby Jesus?”

That child’s question has a deep meaning. Amidst the glitz and glamour of modern Christmas, are we forgetting the true reason for the season? How many of us remember that Christmas is Someone’s birthday and stop to think what He would like us to do for it?

I am sure He is touched by the time and effort we put into decorations and buying gifts for our earthly loved ones, but how happy He would be if we also gave Him a birthday present!

If you’re looking for ideas for a birthday present for Jesus, consider these:

  • Tell Him how much you love Him. You can never do this enough.
  • Express your love to family and friends. You never know who might need to hear just that.
  • Give to the poor. Reach out to them in His name and invite them to share in the Christmas spirit.
  • Make amends with those you’re holding grudges against.

This year, let’s do something for the Birthday Boy!